Saturday, June 28, 2014

So today i was thinking about this past year and i really regret not keeping on top of this the way i swore to myself i would when i made this blog. I wish i had written down the little details about all my adventures because this has been one overwhelmingly amazing year and i have nothing to show for it but photographic glimpses into a mili second of the day. But thats it!! I'm writing here more frequently from now on so i can look back on my favorite times and be right back in the moment. Back soaring over the clear blue Bahamas water on a parasail feeling so weightless and free. Or lying in a hammock in the middle of a Michigan forest where i'd been camping out for a week with strangers in costumes and where i woke up every morning feeling like i was in this odd but wonderful dream world. The music, the flashing lights, the safe feeling of being cuddled up in a hammock with my soul mate staring up at the 200 ft tall trees and glistening stars...not a thing in the universe felt like it was out of place. These days have been the times of my life and i'm letting the memories slip away. So though one of them was only a few months ago and other almost a full year ago, these are my top two favorite memories from my exciting & strange but wonderful whirlwind of a year!

My Suprise Birthday Cruise to the Bahamas 

So i've always been terrified of water slides & rapid rivers so on my 21st birthday i said FUCK IT.
Ok.. so maybe i didn't say fuck it, but Victor did and made the decision to help me force me to discover my unknown love for all things water park. It all started with the lazy river which he "forgot" to tell me turns into a rapid river..followed by tons of waterslides. Including some with sharks!!! (I know, i'm pretty badass)

After conquring my fear of water parks, we spent the rest of our day PARASAILING!!!! By far my favorite part of the trip!!

The rest of my birthday/ our cruise went pretty damn amazing as well


Our Week at Electric Forest

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