Saturday, August 2, 2014

Florida Snow Date Ideas

I know it's a liiiiiitle early for Christmas (ok a LOT early for Christmas, it's still summer time) but Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'm already thinking of ideas to make this year more exciting than last. My dilemma last Christmas was that it didn't feel like Christmas at all since we didn't go somewhere cold. There's no snow in Florida which means no snowmen, no snowball fights, no sledding, no skiing, nothing!!! Well, fear not Floridians because I have searched pinterest, google and youtube far and wide and I have racked my brain to come up with some ideas to help make Christmas still feel just as magical in the winter time. The following is a list I put together with day and night activities. You can make this one gigantic date with your significant other, do it with some friends, or do the activities spread out throughout the month. Enjoy!

Snow Date: 

1. Go Ice-Skating at an Indoor Rink

There are many inside skating rinks around Florida so you can still enjoy the holiday tradition of gliding around in the cold. Afterwords you can linger on the bleachers a little longer to cuddle up with your significant other and enjoy sipping hot chocolate in real winter weather. Not to mention it gives you an excuse to get all bundled up in that Christmas sweater and scarf that Florida weather doesn't usually permit you to wear!

2. Have a Snowball Fight

Option 1 (Outdoor):


-2 Boxes of Cornstarch 

-1 Can of Shaving Cream 

**Best To do this outside, obviously

OPTION 2 (Indoor): 

Stuff a plain sock into a fuzzy sock and WALA! Indoor, pain free snowball fight. Big fluffy marshmallows can also work but socks feel much more like snowballs and don't run the risk of attracting bugs if you lose a few behind the couch.

3. Make Snow Angels in the Sand

People will either join in or stare at you like you're bat shit crazy. Most likely the latter. 

4. Build a SnowMan Sand Man

Even though, lets be real, it will most likely turn out a little closer to this..

5. Make Edible Snowballs

After a long day of skating, snowmen, snowangels, and snow ball fights, you're gonna get hungry. For a cold and snow themed snack, scoop vanilla ice cream and add coconut flakes on top. These ice-cream snowballs are easy and fast but still in the Christmas spirit!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Balsalmic Glazed Steak Rolls

Theres not many recipes that i make that make me feel like a chief.. however, this is one of those. Maybe it's the fancy pantsy name "balsamic steak rolls" that sounds like you're ordering an $80 meal at some high end restaurant with stuck up waiters who look at you judglingly if you came in just for dessert since that's all you can afford there (not that i'd know about that). Or maybe it was the delicious juicy balsamic drenched meat stuffed with sautéed veggies that make me want to scream and shout down the street for everyone to try some just so I can brag that I cooked this fabulous, metal worthy meal. So as you can tell, this is by far one of my favorites i've made yet,(and if my boyfriend wasn't just trying to be nice, one of his too) So now, down to business!!

Step 1: After you've gathered all of the above, chop them up into thin slices and the Garlic into squares.

Step 2: Pour Olive oil into a pan, put the stove on high heat and add in the garlic pieces- let them sit simmering for a few minutes stirring them around occasionally 

Step 3: Throw all the veggies into the pan (minus the green onions!!) and leave in for about 2 minutes on medium heat. DON'T go over two minutes!! It will make the zucchini turn stringy & you won't be able to taste them!

Step 4: Put the Veggies on a plate and add salt, italian herb seasoning & garlic powder.
Separately: Chop your steak into about 6 squares and place the vegetables evenly into those pieces.

Step 5: Roll the steak up and stick metal toothpicks to hold them in place. Now they're ready to throw on the grill. Keep them on each of the 4 sides for about 4 minutes. (After you take them off the grill you can use whatever sauce you please.)

And walllla! Your 5 star restaurant recipe brought to you by chief Ashley!
Bon Appitet ! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

So today i was thinking about this past year and i really regret not keeping on top of this the way i swore to myself i would when i made this blog. I wish i had written down the little details about all my adventures because this has been one overwhelmingly amazing year and i have nothing to show for it but photographic glimpses into a mili second of the day. But thats it!! I'm writing here more frequently from now on so i can look back on my favorite times and be right back in the moment. Back soaring over the clear blue Bahamas water on a parasail feeling so weightless and free. Or lying in a hammock in the middle of a Michigan forest where i'd been camping out for a week with strangers in costumes and where i woke up every morning feeling like i was in this odd but wonderful dream world. The music, the flashing lights, the safe feeling of being cuddled up in a hammock with my soul mate staring up at the 200 ft tall trees and glistening stars...not a thing in the universe felt like it was out of place. These days have been the times of my life and i'm letting the memories slip away. So though one of them was only a few months ago and other almost a full year ago, these are my top two favorite memories from my exciting & strange but wonderful whirlwind of a year!

My Suprise Birthday Cruise to the Bahamas 

So i've always been terrified of water slides & rapid rivers so on my 21st birthday i said FUCK IT.
Ok.. so maybe i didn't say fuck it, but Victor did and made the decision to help me force me to discover my unknown love for all things water park. It all started with the lazy river which he "forgot" to tell me turns into a rapid river..followed by tons of waterslides. Including some with sharks!!! (I know, i'm pretty badass)

After conquring my fear of water parks, we spent the rest of our day PARASAILING!!!! By far my favorite part of the trip!!

The rest of my birthday/ our cruise went pretty damn amazing as well


Our Week at Electric Forest

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Ultimate Bucket List

Go dog sledding
Get scuba certified
Ride a camel in the desert
See pyramids
Try escargot
Stay in the ice hotel
Write a book
Grow my own vegetables
Volunteer in Africa 
Visit Croatia and learn about my roots
Learn at least the basics in 3 languages
Go backpacking through Europe
Get a pet 
Ride in a hot air balloon
Have a dinner in the sky
Learn to meditate
be an extra in something on tv: a commercial, show or movie
go parasailing
In-door skydiving (i'm too much of a baby for outdoor)
Get a portrait painted
Go on a huge camping trip with friends
Have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower
Go horseback riding
Go to XPLOR Adventure Park, Mexico
Ziplining at XPLOR, Mexican Riviera, Mexico
Ride the underwater roller coaster in japan
Scubadive through Austria's Green Lake in the Hochschwab Mountains 
Go to hershey's chocolate factory
Go on a road trip
Cage Dive with sharks!
Attend a masquerade
Ride in a Gondola around Venice Italy
Slide down the aquarium slide through the shark tank in Las Vegas
Go to vegas
Ride on an elephants back
Swim in the mineral baths in Italy
Go to the china olympic cube which was turned into an indoor water park
Learn to snow board
Attend the taiwan lantern festival
Ride a Jet Pack
Swim with sting rays
Go to Harry Potter Land
Shower under a waterfall
Do a obstacle course race
Stay at the tree house hotel called Tree House Point in Washington
Attend a foam party
Go on a submarine
Go to a circus
Go on a $500 shopping spree at Victorias Secret
Sing at a karaoke bar
Ride jet skis
Randomly buy a ticket to anywhere for a weekend
Go to a comedy show
Build an igloo and hot box it
Have dinner on a roof
Swim with dolphins
Visit Finland
Learn Piano
Complete the "100 funny things to do at Walmart"
Complete the "50 Things to do in an Elevator"
Get fortune told
Get writing published in a newspaper
Go on a sleigh ride
Go on a horse drawn carriage ride
Go iceskating at an outside rink
Go iceskating at Rockefeller Center in New York
Spend a whole day at an arcade
Let go of a floating lantern
Stay at Cinderella's Castle Suit at Disney
Visit a farm/ milk a cow
Go on a cruise
Go scuba diving in a ship wreck
Spend a weekend in Montreal
Stay at the Nautilus Undersea Suit in Fiji
Speak only pig latin a whole day
Go to a boats party
Watch a Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week
Eat at Medieval times in Orlando
Live alone in a city I know no one
Go hiking
Go Ziplining
Go 60 ft ziplining
Swim with elephants in Thailand
Go wild caving in a cave
Win a contest
Go on a shopping spree
Go to Downtown Disney
Sit up front at a Heat Game
Meet Heat Players
Watch a drive-in movie
Go actual rock climbing
Learn Archery
Go to a horse race and bet on one
Go zorbing down a hill
Kiss on a ferris wheel
Have a bonfire
Go to Ultra
Go to Electric Forest
Do a zombie 5k race
Go sledding
Go to a butterfly garden
Sleep on a roof
Pay for the meal of the people behind in a drive through
Go on a hayride
Watch a parade
Be in a parade
Shoot guns at a shooting range
Learn to drive stick shift
Ride on a motercycle
Go berry picking
See a Broadway show live
Ride in a hotair balloon

To be continued...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our new apartment building 50 Biscayne!


First dinner at our new place

Bacon Asparagus Pasta with Garlic Bread. 


The Virgin Islands!!

Winter Wonderland!