Sunday, June 29, 2014

Balsalmic Glazed Steak Rolls

Theres not many recipes that i make that make me feel like a chief.. however, this is one of those. Maybe it's the fancy pantsy name "balsamic steak rolls" that sounds like you're ordering an $80 meal at some high end restaurant with stuck up waiters who look at you judglingly if you came in just for dessert since that's all you can afford there (not that i'd know about that). Or maybe it was the delicious juicy balsamic drenched meat stuffed with sautéed veggies that make me want to scream and shout down the street for everyone to try some just so I can brag that I cooked this fabulous, metal worthy meal. So as you can tell, this is by far one of my favorites i've made yet,(and if my boyfriend wasn't just trying to be nice, one of his too) So now, down to business!!

Step 1: After you've gathered all of the above, chop them up into thin slices and the Garlic into squares.

Step 2: Pour Olive oil into a pan, put the stove on high heat and add in the garlic pieces- let them sit simmering for a few minutes stirring them around occasionally 

Step 3: Throw all the veggies into the pan (minus the green onions!!) and leave in for about 2 minutes on medium heat. DON'T go over two minutes!! It will make the zucchini turn stringy & you won't be able to taste them!

Step 4: Put the Veggies on a plate and add salt, italian herb seasoning & garlic powder.
Separately: Chop your steak into about 6 squares and place the vegetables evenly into those pieces.

Step 5: Roll the steak up and stick metal toothpicks to hold them in place. Now they're ready to throw on the grill. Keep them on each of the 4 sides for about 4 minutes. (After you take them off the grill you can use whatever sauce you please.)

And walllla! Your 5 star restaurant recipe brought to you by chief Ashley!
Bon Appitet ! 

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