Saturday, August 2, 2014

Florida Snow Date Ideas

I know it's a liiiiiitle early for Christmas (ok a LOT early for Christmas, it's still summer time) but Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'm already thinking of ideas to make this year more exciting than last. My dilemma last Christmas was that it didn't feel like Christmas at all since we didn't go somewhere cold. There's no snow in Florida which means no snowmen, no snowball fights, no sledding, no skiing, nothing!!! Well, fear not Floridians because I have searched pinterest, google and youtube far and wide and I have racked my brain to come up with some ideas to help make Christmas still feel just as magical in the winter time. The following is a list I put together with day and night activities. You can make this one gigantic date with your significant other, do it with some friends, or do the activities spread out throughout the month. Enjoy!

Snow Date: 

1. Go Ice-Skating at an Indoor Rink

There are many inside skating rinks around Florida so you can still enjoy the holiday tradition of gliding around in the cold. Afterwords you can linger on the bleachers a little longer to cuddle up with your significant other and enjoy sipping hot chocolate in real winter weather. Not to mention it gives you an excuse to get all bundled up in that Christmas sweater and scarf that Florida weather doesn't usually permit you to wear!

2. Have a Snowball Fight

Option 1 (Outdoor):


-2 Boxes of Cornstarch 

-1 Can of Shaving Cream 

**Best To do this outside, obviously

OPTION 2 (Indoor): 

Stuff a plain sock into a fuzzy sock and WALA! Indoor, pain free snowball fight. Big fluffy marshmallows can also work but socks feel much more like snowballs and don't run the risk of attracting bugs if you lose a few behind the couch.

3. Make Snow Angels in the Sand

People will either join in or stare at you like you're bat shit crazy. Most likely the latter. 

4. Build a SnowMan Sand Man

Even though, lets be real, it will most likely turn out a little closer to this..

5. Make Edible Snowballs

After a long day of skating, snowmen, snowangels, and snow ball fights, you're gonna get hungry. For a cold and snow themed snack, scoop vanilla ice cream and add coconut flakes on top. These ice-cream snowballs are easy and fast but still in the Christmas spirit!

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